ER Wait Time: 18 minutes | If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Saint Michael’s Medical Center Emergency Department Director Dr. Ramy Yakobi and Nursing Director Kirsten Roth (front, in white lab coats) with members of the Emergency Department team, posing with an award for most improved emergency department among 26 hospitals served by NES Health.

NEWARK, NJ – Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark was recognized as having the most improved Emergency Department among 26 hospitals served by NES Health, which provides physician management and staffing to hospital emergency departments.

NES Health rates all its hospitals on a series of metrics that affect patient care, including the time to see a health care professional, whether patients leave without being seen and the amount of time when patients walk into the emergency room until they are discharged.

NES Health began the management and staffing for Saint Michael’s Emergency Department two years ago.

“For the better part of almost two years, the emergency department has delivered exceptional services to the citizens’ of Newark and Essex County,” said Dr. John D’Angelo, NES Health Regional Medical Director for Saint Michael’s. “The award they have received is a reflection of the team’s good work. It is a thank you letter from all of the patients they have cared for.”

D’Angelo singled out Emergency Department Director Dr. Ramy Yakobi and Nursing Director Kirsten Roth for creating a culture of excellence in the delivery of emergency services.

“They are talented and committed leaders,” D’Angelo said. “No one team member’s role is more important than the next. Their team continues to rise to the occasion with exceptional and compassionate patient care. The Saint Michael’s Emergency Department delivers a patient experience second to none in the region.”

Saint Michael’s operates a 27,000-square-foot modern Emergency Department with 39 private treatment bays as well as two resuscitation rooms equipped with state-of-the art equipment. The Emergency Department, which treats more than 47,000 patients annually, was upgraded and expanded during a major renovation of the hospital about seven years ago.

Saint Michael’s Emergency Department has among the shortest wait times in the region. The average time patients spent in the emergency department before they were seen by a healthcare professional was 20 minutes. The Emergency Department also operates a Fast Track unit for patients with less severe ailments.

Since arriving at Saint Michael’s from the Brooklyn Medical Center in April 2018, Yakobi has sought to continue improving the experience for patients who are seen in the emergency department, including constantly working to further reduce wait times as well as getting patients admitted to the hospital quicker when required.

Dr. Yakobi said a major part of the effort to improve services within the department was to engage the staff and stress every day the importance of little things that improve patient satisfaction.

“We understand that nobody wants to be in the emergency room,” Yakobi said. “But when they are here with us, we want to make sure they have the best possible care delivered quickly and compassionately.”