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Community hospitals in your own neighborhood continue to be sought out by patients, and for good reasons. They provide emergency care when life-saving minutes are critical, excellent care for patients with serious medical conditions, and routine and essential treatments across a wide spectrum of health care. Most importantly, they offer state-of-the-art technology, exceptional care by nationally recognized physicians, and provide individualized and compassionate care, all close to home.

Consider these six reasons to visit a community hospital for exceptional health care:

1. Community hospitals have advanced technology and exceptional physicians.

Community hospitals, such as Prime Healthcare’s Saint Clare’s Health in Denville and Dover, St. Mary’s General Hospital in Passaic and Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, are known for their exceptional care. Prime’s highly skilled physicians and medical staff deliver compassionate and individualized care using the latest technology. From high-tech imaging systems to the newest laboratory diagnostic tools, to robotic surgery and high-tech radiation, Prime Healthcare community hospitals continually invest in the latest technology, delivering outstanding patient outcomes.

2. They can provide an array of services and specialists through the network of Prime Healthcare hospitals.

Cardiac patients who choose Prime Healthcare New Jersey’s network from any of its three hospitals can be assured of a seamless experience for all the services they require. Patients can receive an array of services within the network from diagnostics and testing to open heart surgery — and every treatment in between — to ensure a continuum of care until they are on their way to a healthy recovery.

3. Community hospitals provide exceptional care that’s close-to-home, which can be lifesaving when minutes matter, such as during a heart attack.

When you experience a life-threatening event, choosing a community hospital is extremely crucial when minutes matter, such as a heart attack, stroke or an accident. Prime Healthcare NJ network offers life-saving care with the latest technology. Your family will find comfort knowing you are close to home and treated like you are a family member.

Central to a patients’ recovery is the support of family and friends. When choosing a hospital close to home, family members can more easily visit the patient and communicate with their physicians. In turn, a patient doesn’t need to worry about family members traveling long distances or navigating a large city and transportation to visit them.

4. Shorter wait times to see a specialist or schedule a procedure.

When you’re not feeling well, you don’t want to wait to feel better. Delaying care has been proven to have a significantly negative impact on your health! Prime Healthcare New Jersey’s hospitals are known for their rapid response to urgent care, and they are often the testing ground for other public health policies that extend to larger hospital systems. At Prime Healthcare New Jersey hospitals, the Emergency Department is not a waiting room, and their teams put into practice the faster door-to-doctor times. The efficiencies that are trialed at community hospitals can lead the way and establish higher standards for larger health care facilities.

5. Community hospitals deliver exceptional and compassionate care with a personalized touch.

Prime Healthcare New Jersey’s hospitals are accessible and easy to navigate and excel at delivering personalized and compassionate care. The physicians and staff know each other and their areas of expertise. This benefits patients as physicians, nurses, and clinical staff can easily and often consult one another and coordinate patient care.

6. Your community hospital treats you and your loved ones like family.

Prime Healthcare New Jersey hospitals are staffed by highly respected physicians who choose a community hospital setting as they can take the time to care about their patients, as well as communicate with the patient’s families. This type of personalized care benefits the patient’s health care and the positive support of the family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put public health at the forefront of people’s minds. If you’re looking for care and haven’t visited one of Prime Healthcare New Jersey’s community hospitals, take the time to learn more about these exceptional health care facilities, close to home. Click here to find out more information and visit one of Prime Healthcare’s New Jersey locations:

Saint Clare’s Health
Saint Mary’s General Hospital
Saint Michael’s Medical Center