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Breast Cancer Future

The Future of Breast Cancer in America

Today, breast cancer is the number one occurring cancer in women, and it is the number one cause of death among women 35 to 54 years of age. Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Every 12 minutes a person dies from breast cancer. These are some startling statistics on breast cancer rates in America; however, there is some good news too. There are many organizations committed to discovering a cure for breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Future
Breast cancer awareness

How Can We Change the Future for Many Women?

Breast cancer is the most self-discovered of all cancers, so early detection is the greatest hope for American women. Early detection includes:

  • Practicing regular breast self-exams
  • Complying with screening guidelines for clinical exams and mammography on the recommended basis

It is estimated that one-third of the breast cancer deaths in America yearly could be prevented by early detection. Breast cancer detected in its early stage can usually be treated successfully. Our commitment is to education and support of the woman to learn breast self-exam skills and adhere to the screening guidelines until our future in breast cancer changes.

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