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Foot Ankle Fractures

Our podiatrists are skilled to provide expert treatment for foot and ankle trauma and fractures. Whether you’ve twisted or overextended your ankle or even a had a severe blow to your ankle our podiatrists can provided the medical treatment you need beyond over the counter pain killers. Treatment of a fracture ankle takes time to heal and may require surgical intervention to stabilize the join. Fractures take time to heal many between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the location of the fracture, with several more months needed for the joint to return back to normal.

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Foot Ankle Fractures

The structure of the foot is complex, and these tiny bony are vulnerable to fracture as a result. If you experience a break from crushing, bending, stretching, or twisting a bone out of its normal movement pattern, it’s possible you’ve  sustained a a severe injury to the bone in your foot. A stress fracture is also a common injury where there are small cracks that form in the bones over an extended period from repeated stress. Injuries like this can be seen most commonly in athletes like runners, gymnasts, soccer players, and dancers. Foot fractures are also commonly seen in victims of car accidents and falls. Our podiatrists can provide the the appropriate treatment to get you back on your feet.

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