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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) disease affecting millions of people, and those who are diabetic are more prone to foot problems from diabetic nerve damage. Diabetic foot care requires ongoing maintenance to aid with proper blood circulation, especially in the feet. Reduced or constricted blood flow, ulcers or other wounds can develop and are slow to heal which often leads to infections. These health issues can could result in the need for amputation.
Our podiatrists provide diabetic foot care to support healing and save toes, feet, and legs from the possible threat of amputation. If you have diabetes and are concerned about foot problems, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists in our Primary and Specialty Care Center. Our experienced podiatrists, primary care physicians, and endocrinologists are here to help you with each stage of managing your diabetes.

To make an appointment with our podiatrists, please call 973-877-5080. Appointments are available immediately.

Diabetic Foot Care

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